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Incredible Hulk, the green beast superhero

The Incredible Hulk was born under the Marvel Comic Universe in May 1962. Hulk's creators are Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
Hulk is the alter ego of a physicist called Dr. Bruce Banner. The character appears after a short time from the accident of Dr. Bruce. At the accident, Dr. Bruce was exposed to a gamma blast from the detonation of a bomb he invented himself. After the explosion, Bruce will turn into the Incredible Hulk, a humanoid monster.

Although the Incredible Hulk is considered to be a superhero, he has no special suit. All he wears is his pants. The superhero can be found in numerous Hulk games for kids on all platforms.

Hulk's powers

The blast from the explosion turned the doctor into a monster, which has superhuman strength. Its strength is proportional to his level of rage: the more furious he is, the powerful he gets (at least this is how the specialist of the time described its powers and his abilities). You can play free Hulk Games online and try his powers.

The Incredible Hulk can be found while playing a large number of games, on all platforms. Giants of the industry, such as Play Station, Sega, GameBoy, Nintendo and so on. The best Hulk Games for Kids from around the world are: Hulk, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, The Incredible Hulk.