Power Rangers Games for Kids

Power Rangers Games for Kids

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Power Rangers is an American franchise built around a TV series who features a team of costumed heroes. Power Rangers was produces by Saban Entertainment, later on by BVS Entertainment and finally by SCG Power Rangers LLX. The first Power Rangers series was launched in 1993, on August 28th.

Power Rangers costumes

Power Rangers is a group of superheroes, each one of them with its own unique colored suit. The color palette of the Power Rangers team has changed over the years. The colors that have been part of the Power Rangers suits all the time were Blue, Red and Yellow. Other colors appear as well: violet, black and white. The color of the costume appears on the civilian wardrobe of the Power Ranger character as well. You can see the costumes characters while playing Power Rangers games for kids.

Power Rangers powers

Power Rangers have a wide range of powers, but the most significant one is the karate ability. All of them know how to fight karate style and their enemies are destroyed with this super skill.

Power Rangers enemies

Over the time, Power Rangers have encountered lots and lots of enemies. The most important ones are: Machine Empire (an empire of evil robots), Putty Patrol (foot soldiers) and the Crustaceans.

Power Rangers games

Nowadays, kids around the world can play various Power Rangers Games for Kids. Important game producers have created numerous Power Rangers games, such as: Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Mighty Morphyn Power Rangers, Power Rangers Super Legends.