Tom and Jerry Games for Kids

Tom and Jerry Games for Kids

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Tom & Jerry are one of today's favorite cartoon heroes. Tom & Jerry were both born as two cartoon heroes. Their creators are William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Their story is a never-ending rivalry between Tom (the cat) and Jerry (the mouse). Their dispute can be often seen as a comic violence.

Tom and Jerry costumes

Tom and Jerry have no special superhero suits. Jerry wears his natural color (dark brown) and Tom has a special blue fur, with a white belly.

Tom and Jerry powers

Both Tom and Jerry have no special superhero powers, although when found inside Tom and Jerry online games they are able to jump high, to crawl, to duck and even avoid bullets. Their never-ending chase often makes use of different weapons, so they are both considered to be able to transform just about any object into a weapon that will be used against each other.

Tom and Jerry enemies

Tom and Jerry have no enemies: they are the enemy of each other. In some free online Tom and Jerry games other characters appear, and Tom and Jerry team up and fight against their enemies. Other cats from the block try to steal their food and other characters are declared as enemies, but Tom and Jerry won each battle.

Tom and Jerry games

Tom and Jerry Games for Kids can be found worldwide on all supermarkets or specialized shops. Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega, PSP, they have all developed very nice graphics games such as: Tom & Jerry minigames for PSP, Tom & Jerry in Housetrap, Tom & Jerry War of the Wiskars and so on.