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X Men Games for Kids

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The X-MEN are a superhero team created by the Marvel Comics Universe (Stan Lee and Jack Kirby). They firstly appeared in September 1963 as the X-Men #1. Profesor Xavier created a haven at his Westchester mansion, where he trains young mutants who will use their powers for the benefit of the humans. He does this in order to prove that mutants can be heroes too. This way, he recruits Cyclops, Iceman, Angle, Marvel Girl and Beast and he calls them the X-MEN. The X-MEN name comes from their possession of the X-Gene, a gene that cannot be found inside the human body, a gene which gives them their superpowers and abilities.

X-MEN costumes

Wolverine has a special blue-yellow costume with a red belt. His mask is yellow and black colored and the entire body is covered with a latex material.
Cyclops has a dark-blue latex costume, with a one-eye pair of glasses. He wears a yellow belt and dark-blue boots.
Iceman has a special ice-like suit and a white X marked belt.
Beast has no special costume, he has a fur all over his body and some sort of shorts with a dark-yellow pair of pants.

X-MEN powers

X-MEN have special powers. Cyclops can produce a powerful beam with great destructive power using his eye power. The comic books refer to it as an optic blast. Iceman can freeze anything around him and he can turn his body into ice. This ability is named cryokinesis. Beast has a superhuman strength; he makes use of his oversized hands and feet and can defeat all his enemies. You can try all these powers while playing X Men games for kids.

X-MEN enemies

Since 1963 the X-MEN have developed a large list of enemies, from which we remind the following: Acolytes, Alliance of Evil, Broderhood Of Mutants, Children of The Vault, Dark Riders, Dark X-Men. Try to defeat all the enemies found in X Men Games for Kids and save the planet from villains.